utorak, 19. siječnja 2010.

A month ago...

View from my window...
hate this mud :( love the snow :)
let it snow again...

Candy shop

rings, earrings, brooches...

četvrtak, 14. siječnja 2010.

Čiba :)

I've just realized I haven't posted any photos of my little sweetie :)

subota, 14. studenoga 2009.

What I wore...

A random last month's outfit. Since I'm fotographing myself you can't see the whole figure and all the clothes in only one photo. Sorry.

DIY studded jacket, Mango clutch

H&M, Accessorize, Guess, Swatch

Zara flats and jeans, Bershka shirt

DIY - Studded Jacket

I completely forgot about this jacket until I finally got my long awaited studs and decided to use them to freshen up an old piece of clothing. I'm really happy with the outcome and I've already worn it a couple of times last month when the weather was a bit nicer. I love it :)

subota, 24. listopada 2009.

Latest acquisitions

After seeing Natasha's new leather gloves, I promised to show mine.

Zara shoes, Topshop gloves

And in addition, an 'old meets new' photo :)


petak, 16. listopada 2009.

Circus jacket

Inspired by this awesome post on this awesome blog.
Check it out and follow if you haven't already :)